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Alice Mihai (ISRA Center): Cercetarile au devenit tot mai complexe ca obiective, lucru reflectat in abordarile de tip hibrid sau „fusion” intre calitativ si cantitativ



Eye tracker offers solutions for product shelving optimization, shoppers segmentation based on the time allotted to the elements at the point of sale as well as optimization of POSMs design and positioning in the stores. The eye tracking study entails more than just a qualitative analysis, the data being completed by statistical indicators. a

CONSUMER GOODS TRENDS DECALOGUE in Romania that will generate shockwaves in 2016

 Experience alters DNA

Is the consequence of consumers’ evolution from “collectors” into “experiencers”. “What I have” is no longer the main trigger for consumer behavior as they are rather interested in finding out “who I am”. Such a mindset proves to be a source of personal development and self-discovery. This is why CPG companies and brands have the opportunity to transcend the category and connect with the “new consumers” by means of a higher purpose that clicks with their system of believes.       

No more twofold gender agenda

Means rejecting stereotypes and roles that follow a traditional pattern. „What I like” becomes more important than „I’m a woman or a man”. Crossing gender boundaries and widely embracing pluralities will lead to the preference of “unisexproposals & offers that connect with consumers at value level and not by means of standardized molds....