ISRA Center skillfully masters a wide-ranging collection of research solutions, smartly designed in years of experience on Romanian market. We succeed to sense the barely detectable signals of market and brands dynamics together with business opportunities and challenges, thus offering to our clients the strategic competitive advantage that brings them ahead the market. Just click down and take a comprehensible look at our research solutions that fit each decision making level…





  • Brand Equity

    ISRA Center creatively blends research to enable resourceful intelligence for further building and protecting brand equity by offering:

    • an accurate and reflective output on the relationship between people, brand positioning and business results
    • a thorough feedback on brand performance in achieving the intended equities against market competition
    • original insights on what really drives brand equity in consumers minds & souls for impactful and forward looking business decisions and further
  • Brand / Corporate Reputation

    ISRA Center offers an in-depth understanding of the factors that impact the reputation beyond image components in order to rank factors and identify leverages to get to people minds & hearts.



    We identify reputation facets that have the highest impact on corporate reputation in general and on specific markets in particular. Moreover, we identify the proportion in which the performance of each image component contributes to corporate reputation. Furthermore, a diagnosis of the company strengths and weaknesses is made with focus on actionable aspects that can be used to establish next steps in company’s actions.

  • Employee Research

    ISRA Center tests the temperature of the organization by measuring employees satisfaction and commitment for fast-forward and sustainable development.

    We combine qualitative texture & quantitative hard core to bring out comprehensive and value-adding input on broad range of employee satisfaction facets, both mind and heart related. We use a tailor-made research approach for a relevant and truthful measure of employee mind &soul commitment to the company, for strengthening this asset of the company.


  • Brand Tracking

    We handle the most effective and up-to-date research tools to test the temperature of a brand within the competitive and high speed market environment, assessing penetration, differentiation and potential trends.

    ISRA Center unlocks fresh and perceptive brand opportunities by skillfully mining the surprises of the marketplace dynamics.