ISRA Center skillfully masters a wide-ranging collection of research solutions, smartly designed in years of experience on Romanian market. We succeed to sense the barely detectable signals of market and brands dynamics together with business opportunities and challenges, thus offering to our clients the strategic competitive advantage that brings them ahead the market. Just click down and take a comprehensible look at our research solutions that fit each decision making level…





  • Brand Positioning

    ISRA Center offers an accurate vision of brand current position for further strengthening and differentiation through a comprehensive set of mixed methods:


    • motivational and projective qualitative research to tap into a thorough and truthful understanding of brand’s real relationships with the consumers
    • a quantitative research enhancement to determine the strongest brand essentials against competition, assess key performance indicators and target people attitudes & loyalty and not only
  • Pricing Studies

    We rely on powerful solutions to identify market reaction to different price levels and also to establish the price range that best fits business objectives to maximize profit and increase demand.

    Beyond price sensitivity ISRA Center develops a market model for investigating what the optimum price is if the market remains stable by usage of conjoint analysis; furthermore, competition responses and potential profitability is investigated by building in fixed and variable costs

    We help you establish the range of acceptable prices, the optimum and the indifference price points for products/ services starting from the assumption that price sensitivity relates not to absolute price, but rather to the perceived value as Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meters claims.

    The demand and profitability curves are also traced out by employing Gabor Granger technique.

    Furthermore, choice-based conjoint (CBC) process & results allow understanding the perceived values of specific product features, learning how demand for a particular product/ service is related to price and forecasting what the likely acceptance of a product would be if brought to market.

  • Product & Concept Test

    Advanced sensory techniques are used to dive deep into peoples experiences with products and bring out the potential for further-looking decisions by means of Penalty Analysis, Sensory Product Segmentation and other research tools. Added value and greater effectiveness to the results are offered by using combined blind and branded test approach.

    We combine creative research with predictive force for greater value concepts by:

    • measuring people emotional responses to the concept proposals
    • screening the concepts and identifying the one with the highest potential among the prospect consumers
    • unlocking original insights to refine and maximize concept potential for successful development and further
  • Usage & Attitudes

    Facts are available to everyone; it is interpretation and implementation
    that is key.

    ISRA Center drives the survey beyond habits and attitudes investigation so as to enrich knowledge on specific markets with a multilayered perspective.

    The next level of market understanding is delivered by additional focus on branding.

    Information related to segmentation enriches the survey outcomes by uncovering the market potential and more.

  • Brand Segmentation

    We rely on qual & quant solutions for advanced segmentation to support forward thinking of strategic & tactical business decisions and to focus marketing energy in order to gain competitive advantage.

    ISRA INSIDE OUT SEGMENTATION TOOL leads to an accurate and discriminated understanding of the MARKET LANDSCAPE of brands positioning, people purchasing & consumption motivations, habits, needs, attitudes and preference towards product/service features with the aim of CCEATM and CONJOINT solutions. Furthermore, it helps identify the consumer target groups that offer maximum benefits by means of BRAND FIT ANALYSIS.