ISRA Center skillfully masters a wide-ranging collection of research solutions, smartly designed in years of experience on Romanian market. We succeed to sense the barely detectable signals of market and brands dynamics together with business opportunities and challenges, thus offering to our clients the strategic competitive advantage that brings them ahead the market. Just click down and take a comprehensible look at our research solutions that fit each decision making level…





  • Web Development & Usability Research

    ISRA Center uses a comprehensive tool for a thorough and realistic feedback on how consumers actually experience the website.

    We identify the potential target and helps adjusting site functionality to meet genuinely relevant needs.

  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

    Comprehensive perspectives are used to measure consumers' full experience with a brand or business for actionable and impactful research results by answering key topics related to:

    • who real customers are and how truthfully they are
    • thorough understanding of what actually drives brand or business loyalty
    • how to employ consistency and drive customer satisfaction into a lifetime asset



  • Mystery Shopper / Caller

    We use a genuine and skillfully implemented approach for fast and actionable insights for improvement and consistency to product or service quality by:

    • in-store direct and systematic observation of various and important decision making markers
    • full disclosure of customers' true experiences with products / services
    • a pulse on competition performance for increased leverage in future actions and not only...
  • OMNIbus

    ISRA OMNIbus is a fastefficient and affordable way to research for answers and solve queries about markets, consumers or brands.

    Among key deliverables of ISRA OMNIbus are:

    • tracking the changes and trends of brand key indicators versus competition
    • defining product/ services users profile
    • finding out the impact of advertising and promotional activities
    • updates for today’s consumers' attitude towards your products/ services
    • identification of a promising category incidence
    • checking of short PR inquiries

    and much more...

    For more details about ISRA OMNIbus please contact us at