ISRA Center leads the Romanian HEALTHCARE market research sector with high expertise built in more than 11 years of experience as strategic partner for leading pharmaceutical companies.

We are proud of our ability to access and master top-notch moderation of the most complex and difficult-to-reach targets. Our extensive PHARMA research expertise includes far-reaching range of investigated medical fields and pathologies, being committed to offer 360° overview of the medical realities in integrated research solutions and consultancy. More details are revealed at one click…





  • Medical Journey

    ISRA Center runs a specially medical-tailored ATU type of research to help physicians reveal their most

    complex motivations, beliefs and needs related topathologies & medication by:

    • using a blend of innovative quant & qual tools, including rich projective techniques, to go beyond “physician talk” and understand “the person behind the white gown” 
    •  mapping the <unanswered territories> so as to enable source of business identification
    •  tapping into the physicians’ rational and emotional responses to guidelines, brands, pathologies & medical theories
  • Estimation of Physicians Potential

     We conduct identification of physicians’ potential for treating specific pathologies, driving to a precise and highly efficient targeting of the ones that matter the most.


    Even more, ISRA Center segments the physicians according to their high to low importance for the client portfolio.


  • Physicians Segmentation

    ISRA Center takes an important step further in understanding how physicians can be differently addressed so as to benefit from maximum output by means of:

    • needs-based segmentation that enables the segmentation of physicians according to their needs related to patients and disease
    • characteristic-based segmentation driven by prescribing behavior and attitudes towards medical approaches & patients
  • Message Recall

    ISRA Center assesses IF medical messages get through medical representatives to physicians minds from product launch, during maintenance and brand positioning.

    We provide an accurate overview on the effectiveness of message communication and the way physicians understand & recall it and we estimate the message impact on prescribing behavior.


  • Voice of the Customer


    We assess in a highly relevant manner how medical companies and medical representatives are perceived in physicians' minds.

    This measurement offers a detailed view of physicians satisfaction related to the company and medical reps' activity which further supports targeted communication.


  • Prescription Patterns

    We reveal physicians' decision making patterns a as a multi-variable matrix which is not always obvious even for physicians themselves, by means of a mix of different angled tools that enable the understanding of prescribing behavior and its motivators, such as:

    • physicians diaries
    • adoption funnels (from early stages to advocating the brand)
    • patients profiling and more…all helping to tap into physicians prescription blueprint
  • Web Usability Research

    We use a comprehensive tool for a thorough and realistic feedback on how HCPs actually experience the website.

    ISRA Center identifies the training tools best fit for an online CME platform and helps adjusting site functionality to meet the relevant information needs.