ISRA Center leads the Romanian HEALTHCARE market research sector with high expertise built in more than
11 years of experience
as strategic partner for leading pharmaceutical companies.

We are proud of our ability to access and master top-notch moderation of the most complex and difficult-to-reach targets. Our extensive PHARMA research expertise includes far-reaching range of investigated medical fields and pathologies, being committed to offer 360° overview of the medical realities in integrated research solutions and consultancy. More details are revealed at one click…






  • Patients Compliance and Adherence

    We disclose valuable insights on how and if patients take their medication as often as prescribed and for as long as prescribed, thus completing the understanding of medicines’ pathway from medical recommendation to sustained sales.

    ISRA Center helps you to understand the power & decision balance between patient and physicians, facilitating a better targeted communication and the enforcement of long term usage of treatment.

    We identify whether marketing efforts/ promotions/ communication should be focused on patients as well and how this should be done.

  • Patient Path


    Our approach on patients journey from diagnosis suspicion to final diagnosis, treatment prescription and supervision reveals the detailed pathway that patients take through the medical system.


    ISRA Center connects the dots between different medical specialties involved in each pathology, following in the patients’ footsteps to help truly understand the medical circuit link by link.

  • Pricing Studies

    We rely on powerful solutions to identify patients reaction to different price levels and also to establish the price range that best fits business objectives: physicians to prescribe the product and patients to buy and use the medicine.

    Beyond price sensitivity ISRA Center develops a market model for investigating what the optimum price is if the market remains stable by using conjoint analysis; furthermore, competition responses and potential profitability is investigated by building in fixed and variable costs.

    ISRA Center helps to establish the range of acceptable prices, the optimum and the indifference price points for products/ services, starting from the assumption that price sensitivity relates not to absolute price, but rather to the perceived value as Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meters claim. The demand and profitability curves are also traced out by means of the Gabor Granger technique.