ISRA Center leads the Romanian HEALTHCARE market research sector with high expertise built in more than
11 years of experience
as strategic partner for leading pharmaceutical companies.

We are proud of our ability to access and master top-notch moderation of the most complex and difficult-to-reach targets. Our extensive PHARMA research expertise includes far-reaching range of investigated medical fields and pathologies, being committed to offer 360° overview of the medical realities in integrated research solutions and consultancy. More details are revealed at one click…






  • Pharmacists Role In OTCs Market

    We mix exploratory research with quantitative tools to highlight the power pharmacists have on OTC recommendation.


    ISRA Center pinpoints the key drivers that trigger the pharmacists’ recommendation and assesses the influence of the pharmacists’ recommendation on driving consumer purchase, thus capturing IF recommendations turn into sales or not.


  • Mystery Shopping

    ISRA Center relies on skillful mystery shopping with pharmacists in order to capture pharmacists' most genuine reactions in front of a customers asking for various medicines, thus revealing:

    • what recommendations pharmacists address in real life
    • underlying reasons for recommendations
    • additional information and support provided by the pharmacists to the customers
    • pharmacists’ attitude throughout the discussion, with the aid of tangible scenarios
  • Drugstore Concept Testing

    We employ a complex, multi-layered research design based on the market knowledge and customers insight:

    • to test new concepts and ideas in the medical environment
    • to understand the opportunity and shape the location of drugstores chains in Romania
    • to open uncharted markets in a creative and innovative manner