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    CONSUMER GOODS TRENDS DECALOGUE in Romania that will generate shockwaves in 2016

    Experience alters DNA

    Is the consequence of consumers’ evolution from “collectors” into “experiencers”. “What I have” is no longer the main trigger for consumer behavior as they are rather interested in finding out “who I am”. Such a mindset proves to be a source of personal development and self-discovery. This is why CPG companies and brands have the opportunity to transcend the category and connect with the “new consumers” by means of a higher purpose that clicks with their system of believes.       

    No more twofold gender agenda

    Means rejecting stereotypes and roles that follow a traditional pattern. „What I like” becomes more important than „I’m a woman or a man”. Crossing gender boundaries and widely embracing pluralities will lead to the preference of “unisex” proposals & offers that connect with consumers at value level and not by means of standardized molds.

    Behavioral rainbow

    Is expressed at individual level as Romanian consumers manifest different motivations in different occasions and that triggers a multitude of reactions and choices. Therefore companies have to respond to this new reality by means of an efficient brand portfolio that addresses the over fragmented spectrum of needs with minimum overlap.

    Sharing is caring

    Is enabled by the wider access to information that technology offers. Even if digitalization is not yet mainstream, Romanian consumers are interconnected and “plugged in” to a full range of ideas and opinions shared in social media, forums or blogs. Via “reviews” that brands can no longer ignore, Internet exerts a continuously increasing influence on consumption and shopping decisions that are “smarter” and “faster” due to the instant and at hand access to data and comparability that consumers currently hold.

    Consumer-brand P2P

    Translates into post-pragmatism and criticism in front of any marketing gimmick. More than ever consumers expect authenticity and a genuine tone of voice on brands’ side. Hence brands that co-create with consumers andgenerate consumer relevant innovations are the ones that succeed in keeping up with the new consumers.

    So little time, so much to do

    Is a tension that manifests itself regardless of age as the new consumers are better informed but at the same time overstretched. This leads to the identification of new behavioral outlines that rely on shortcuts, simplicity and proximity. Companies that give instant access to desired goods or services and offer agile time-to-market solutions are the winners.

    Zero waste life

    Romanian consumers exhibit clear signs of customization fatigue and are running out of availability to engage in the ocean of messages, stimuli, choices and options they have been swimming in till recently. Romanian consumers shifted sharply towards utter simplicity and ultimate clarity as a result of coping with the need of real-time responses, continuous “catching-up” efforts and “fast-forward” general set-up. Consequently brands are expected togive up the unnecessary subtlenessreduced transparencyexcessive metaphorisation or any other initiative meant to increase complexity.

    Passionately imperfect

    Even if consumers are aware of mass-production benefits and the impossibility to avoid it, they started to exert more critical views on everything that is ready-to-wear, standardized, off-the-shelf and “soulless”. Therefore brandsthat will display clear cues for transparency even with the risk of not presenting themselves in the most favorable light are the ones that succeed in connecting honestly with the new consumers and amplify emotionality.        

    Updating tradition

    Romanian consumers continue to positively respond to the resurrection of local symbols and values, show respect and take pride in actions that take notice of and focus on the local identity and cultural needs. Hence brands thathave a fresh perspective  are those that make proof of local relevance (whether they are international brands or not) and tap into local cultural heritage, via creativity or via technology, thus bringing out coolness and contemporary edge.

    Living the good life

    Romanian consumers aim at enjoying what the democratization of <connoisseurship lifestyle> offers with all the highlights of contemporaneity including gourmet-mania, everyday-esthetising, comfy luxury while travelling and access to one-of-a-kind experiences that satisfy the need of overstimulation and are useful in the never-ending fight against monotony. Hence brands have to ensure transition towards mindful choices that reflect consumers individuality and personal character.