We go beyond precision and data richness, being devoted to the smart translation of research key outcomes into business solutions while keeping a close connection with our clients and their business challenges over time. Just stroll over our Quant research methods…

  • PAPI (paper and pencil interviews)

    PAPI (Paper and Pencil Interviews) is the standard face-to-face data collection method. Questionnaires are finished in a printed form and the interviewers complete them with a pen according to the answers of the respondent. 

    ISRA Center use PAPI for face-to-face interviews when using standard questionnaire,without complicated selection rules between questions.

    Where feasible we try to replace PAPI with CAPI who has more advantages such as: automatically attributes and brand randomization, automatic interviewer control (the system records the date and timing when the interview took place), etc.

  • CAPI & CAWI (computer assisted interviews)

    SSI Sawtooth Software™ is a leader in computer-interviewing allowing ISRA Center to be highly research efficient in CAPI & CAWI.


     ISRA Center CAPI & CAWI

    • has 60 dedicated notebooks with the possibility to increase the number of devices upon project demands for CAPI
    • makes use of SSI Sawtooth Software™ platform as advanced solutions for CAPI & CAWI
    • offers high quality & fast consumer and business-to-business computer based data collection


    Questionnaire related benefits:

    • allows to integrate logos/ pictures/ commercials
    • enables real-time data transfer
    • facilitates optimum concentration of the survey participants on questions and answers 


    Process and results:

    • makes use of pool with research participants across Romania
    • allows self-recruitment or data bank selection for special target groups
    • makes possible to check the survey progress by online access to the Admin Module (password protected) upon clients request
  • CLT Facilities (central location tests)

    ISRA Center CLT facilities are placed in highly circulated areas in Bucharest and important cities across Romania and are selected as to meet:

    • hygiene
    • light
    • quietness
    • space
    • optimum number of tables

    or other specific requirements for best possible sensorial testing.

    For Bucharest having a dedicated facility:

  • Exit / Intercept interviews

    We employ valuable research methods to explore the shopping act while it is still fresh in shoppers minds for an accurate review on in-store performance.

    ISRA Center gathers easily recalled details on consumers' in-store very latest experience, such as: reasons for purchasing your product or not, effectiveness of promotional materials and more.

  • Desk research

    Desk research involves gathering data from existing sources which usually makes it a less expensive and a faster form of research. It can be used as a stand-alone form of research or to complement primary research.

    The existing sources most often include:

    • public data from national/ international authorities (both free or under charge)
    • internet
    • specialized magazines
    • internal data from the Client
    • other secondary sources

    Main objectives of a desk research on a specific market include:

    • Internal production information
    • Data about import-export (volume and value for each exporting-importing country for a specified period of time)
    • Market size estimation (volume and value)
    • Main players profile (name, contact details, financial information, product portfolio, price range, distribution etc.)
    • Estimation of market shares
    • Other relevant information depending on the market and the Client’s request.