ISRA Center connects PEOPLE, BRANDS and MARKETS through artful research to endorse clients in taking the next step for better decisions.

ISRA Center:

  • is among the leading marketing research companies in Romania due to its expertise, top companies due to its client portfolio and excellence in pharmaceutical industry research
  • has 20 years of successful research experience in Romania, thus enabling a thorough understanding of the market  
  • capitalizes on international empowerment, being the exclusive representative in Romania of IRIS Network, the largest network of independent research companies worldwide

  • provides full-scale research solutions based on advanced methodologies that best fit the clients’ business needs
  • proved to be a reliable, flexible, fast and fair priced market research provider
  • is a member of ESOMAR, AMA, QRCA and SORMA
  • ISRA Way of Research

    ISRA Center makes each research project unique thanks to the team’s sixth  sense of research.

    ISRA Center way of research:

    • allows the successful handling of a wide variety of demands
    • implies awakening to the research challenges
    • shows transparency related to the manner of working
    • stimulates pro-active communication along the research stages within the team and with clients
    • offers support related to research design, tools and data interpretation
    • capitalizes on the team members’ different backgrounds 
    • establishes meaningful connections to Romanian reality
  • ISRA Certification

    ISO 9001 -  the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS)

    This means that the company has implemented a quality management system in which all processes and procedures have been carefully designed and quality-tested according to international standards.

    ISO 27001 - the international information security standard

    This means that the company has implemented an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organisation's information risk management processes.

  • Milestones

    ISRA Center research vision is driven by INSPIRATION THROUGH RESEARCH expressed as passion for knowledge, a constant desire to innovate and openness to new challenges.


    • the best methodological practice standards
    • highly professional, creative and dedicated teams
    • flexibility as much as possible, while standardization as much as needed
    • modern computer-aided technologies

    PROVIDING ADDED VALUE with the help of:

    • decision-oriented results enhanced by insightful and actionable recommendations
    • top insights
    • consultancy in each and every research stage
    • learning by experience
  • Resources

    ISRA Center blends the right resources for top-notch B2C & B2B research projects:

    CORE: teams with 6th sense of research

    MANAGEMENT: visionary & hands-on research

    KNOW HOW: market intelligence & actionable results support

    TECHNOLOGY: up-to-date platform for CATI/ CAPI/ CAWI

    FOCUS FACILITIES: versatile & research-friendly

    EXTENSIVE DATABASE: all inclusive as medical specialties & regions

  • Teams

    Highly skilled, timely and friendly are the words that best describe ISRA Center teams.

    ISRA Center researchers:

    • have diverse backgrounds in relevant fields (sociology, psychology, marketing, statistics, cybernetics, communications) allowing a multi-disciplinary approach of research projects
    • are highly experienced
    • are connected to the research world & latest trends
    • are open to initiate, develop & experiment new research methods
    • are committed to validated, resourceful & successful research 
  • Facilities

    QUALITATIVE FACILITIES were created with the clients, moderators and consumers' needs in mind, so as to facilitate the viewing and running of the discussions in a truly relaxing environment for everybody.


    • one conference style focus room and a cozier focus room
    • 2 sides one-way mirrors
    • centralized CCTV (last generation LCDs)
    • the viewing rooms accommodate up to 15 viewers (each viewing studio)
    • raised platforms
    • audio volume controls
    • excellent soundproofing
    • wireless connection


    • accommodates up to 15 participants
    • suitable for group activities or large audiences
    • 3 separate desks which facilitate working in separate groups
    • wireless connection


    CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews) FACILITIES

    • 100 dedicated notebooks / tablets (the number may be increased if the project requires a higher number of devices)
    • license for the usage of Sawtooth Software™ platform
    • well-trained interviewers with extensive experience on pen and paper studies