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  • Piata Awards 2014

    ISRA Center appreciates and promotes quality and supports its partners day to day in developing quality products adapted to the customers’ needs and to the market trends. Therefore, getting involved in events that reward performance comes as a natural process for us. For the past 5 years ISRA Center has been a trusted and reliable partner for Revista Piata by taking care of the voting process for Premiile Piata.  

  • Horeca&Retail Club Cheile Gradistei 2014


    When it comes to efficient investments and obtaining shoppers’ loyalty, ISRA Center comes with research answers that provide thorough knowledge on shoppers’ purchase behavior, needs and values, which influence their choices. Analyzing these aspects enables us to identify segments that need to be targeted using specific marketing tools. Understanding these segments and their dynamic is extremely relevant for both providers and retailers as it is totally inefficient to offer everything to everyone. Therefore, targeting shoppers’ segments based on what each of them is expecting will increase in store actions effectiveness and will produce a relevant outcome. 

  • ISRA partnership with Romanian Universities


    ISRA Center enjoys giving back practical research knowledge in order to help the educational system prepare graduates that are able to quickly integrate in their future marketing & market research jobs. Every year we collaborate with universities to facilitate internships and practice sessions in all our departments. Moreover, ISRA Center specialists are invited to give lectures to students in demand of research industry guidance and best practices. We were invited in the past years to share our experience with students in: the Faculty of Sociology - University of Bucharest, the Marketing and Cybernetics Faculties - Academy of Economic Studies and Communication & Advertising Master Program - SNSPA University.  

  • ISRA Center & British American Tobacco at ESOMAR Meet Up 2013

    Considering today everyday life of each marketing department entails making quick decisions even if important information is missing, ISRA presented at ESOMAR <MEET UP Romania 2013> a paper focused on the solutions at hand. Thus, the most at-hand way to obtain fast and relevant answers to specific problems as early as possible, and the most suitable way for the rollercoaster type of context, is currently represented by reality checks (with their “drama name” of <disaster checks>) that can be shaped as Predictive Groups, Hot Shops or Bi-Polar groups or any other methodological approach that follows the rules of <reality checks>.

  • PIATA conference "Achizitii in Retail si HoReCa"

    Today shopping habits that are increasingly observed, not only in Romania, but also at European level, are related to the choice of less expensive stores, a better awareness of the price, a better planning of the shopping and an active search for the best deals, using coupons and vouchers and reducing the waste (the products bought, but never used). All these shopper trends and others as well, were presented by ISRA during Panel 1 of discussions at Piata event dedicated to <ACHIZITII & HORECA> this year.

  • SMARK Marketing Research Conference 2013


    Today seeing through shoppers eyes involves the usage of innovative technology such as <the eye tracking device> that gives a broad view on the way shoppers take decisions in front of the shelf, which are the best shelf planograms and how impactful are the POSMs through their design, number and position in the store. About all this based on <business case studies>, ISRA talked at this year SMARK annual marketing research conference.

  • Paid Highways in Romania (Pro TV)

  • ISRA HoReCa Barometer ("Achizitii in HoReCa" Conference)


    For a broader understanding of HoReCa environment we have conducted a study that gives an overview on the most important aspects that define how Romanians relate to HoReCa locations: visit frequency on type of location, amount spent, going out occasions, products consumed and much more.

  • Luxury & Aspirational Brands Conference



    ...Romanian luxury intenders’ wish list seems to be dominated by the categories considered “traditional”, such as those related to fashion and cosmetics, technology being ranked 3rd. These are also acknowledged to ...

  • Romanians love affair with luxury in troubled times (Antena 1)


    ...The current economic downturn generally acts as a game changer and the luxury goods sector seems to be vulnerable but it could just as well be an area immune to the general depreciation. Consequently, it is important to take the pulse of the luxury market today, just to see how Romania is feeling...

  • Personal Care (Pro TV)

    ...personal care products considered to be basic for daily care are: toothpaste (used by 96% of the Romanians), hand soap (used by 95% of the Romanians) and deodorant (83% use), both women and men choosing the same products. Perfume or eau de perfum...

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  • GreenBizForum - Top Green Romanian Companies Biz magazine’s invitation,  ISRA Center gladly accepted to get involved in this project that we considered  innovative for the Romanian market. As a research field, the study of CSR projects and the way they impact a company’s reputation are still at the beginning in Romania, and ISRA Center had the opportunity to get involved in such strategic projects  for its clients, putting all the expertise accumulated in this field at their disposal...


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  • National Society of Family Medicine (SNMF) Conference

    ...ISRA Center was invited by the National Family Medicine Society to present findings from the Global Health Survey at the National Family Medicine Conference between 28th and 31st of March in Bucharest. The paper was appreciated for offering a comparative perspective of the Romanian health system...


    See also the article: Global Health Survey: Romanian vs. the world

  • Health Check Romania vs. The world (Realitatea TV)

    ...out of the 28 countries investigated, in 22 of them participants seem to have quite a low satisfaction with thenational health system. The country where people are the most satisfied with the health system is Indonesia (where 81% have assessed the national health system positively) while in Romania only 6% of the inhabitants are satisfied with these services...


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  • Health Check Romania vs. The world (Money Channel)

    ...In Romania, 58% of the population believe that the source of problems in the national medical system is ineffective management, while 42% think that insufficient funding is to be blamed. In most of the 28 countries investigated, ineffective management is perceived to be the source of the problems with the national health system...


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  • Romanian's Patriotism (Pro TV)

    ...41% of Romanians declare themselves to be patriots. The sayings that best describe the Romanians are, in their opinion: ”A face haz de necaz” (To smile in the face of adversity - 47% out of respondents mention that saying among the first 3), ”Sa moara si capra vecinului” (If I go down, you’ll get down with me - 44%), ”Om trai si om vedea” (We will wait and see - 40%) and ”Lasa ca merge si asa” (Why change it when it works this way? - 36%)...


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  • Romanian's anxieties and satisfactions (TVR 2)

    ...Romanians spontaneously think that the most important reasons for fear are related to their own health or the health of a family (that being the foremost for 21% of the respondents). The second fear is related to their professional status (12% mentioned that as their first concern), while the third refers to lack of money (10% spontaneously mentioned lack of money as their first fear)...


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  • Healthy Food (Pro TV)

    ...1 in 10 Romanians say that they do not know what organic products mean or that they never heard of them, most of them (60%) associate them with healthy or natural products in general, with no further details about the category...


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  • Romanians as they are. Pulse and start again (Smark TV)

    ...ISRA Center made the radiography of the Romania's health on multiple levels in the study "Romanians as they are. Pulse and start again" comprising information about lifestyle, eatings habits, relation with the physicians, well-being, beauty care and much more...


    See also the article: 70% believe that sex life is important for health

  • Piata FMCG Awards 2011

    For the second year in line ISRA Center was actively involved along with Piata Publication in the process of “Piata Awards FMCG, 6th Edition” organization by implementing the voting procedure. For the project have been contacted 1978 potential votants to whom ISRA Center distributed elctronic or print voting bulletins. We are a trustful partner of Piata team in the process of yearly setting up "Piata Awards FMCG" due to a transparent method of collecting the votes and due to keeping confidentiality all along the action.