ISRA Center has more than 19+ years of successful research experience in Romania, thus enabling a thorough understanding of the market. It capitalizes on international empowerment, as the exclusive representative in Romania of IRIS Network, the largest network of independent research companies worldwide.

  • Research Experience


    Market research has one purpose: to help clients take better business decisions. Since 2001, ISRA Center has gained vast experience in various market research sectors. Please see below a brief overview.



    Our experience helps us provide specialized solutions for many FMCG markets. We are able to understand your needs and support your efforts in becoming the best in your sector.

    We support every step of product development by offering adequate solutions to each marketing situation that you may encounter on your way.

    We can help you understand your market and identify new opportunities, we can provide you the right research tool for choosing the winning product concept and we can also be on your side all the way by monitoring your portfolio performance.



    ISRA Center has important research experience with major clients of the telecommunication market, providing solutions adapted to their needs.

    During our long relationship with our telecommunication partners we have developed a strong bond by supporting them in taking major decisions related to their products and services.

    Our surveys will make it easier for you by offering you precious details about the changing trends on this market and about your ever more demanding target.

    ISRA Center offers solutions which enable you to stay attuned to the market by monitoring your performance and your competitors, to support new product and service development, to test the efficiency of communication campaigns.



    In-depth knowledge of the target population is essential at this stage in the development of financial markets. Market dynamics and the changing economic conditions make your target react differently at short intervals. Therefore, staying connected to the market is a must for your business success if you want suitable innovative solutions for your customers or potential customers.

    Our experienced research team can provide you the information you need in order to better understand the banking population in Romania, their needs, attitudes and habits. At the same time we can help you evaluate your internal team by conducting mystery shopping or mystery caller surveys.



    Energy production and distribution is one of the most powerful economic sectors. ISRA Center offers the players in this field a strong information basis for their business decisions.

    We have a long-standing expertise both in customer and in business to business research. We investigated subjects like brand reputation, customer satisfaction and loyalty, market positioning, perception of the company’s corporate social responsibility. At the same time we are able to support you in investigation your employee engagement or in optimizing your services offer.


    ISRA Center treats each market differently and gives special attention to its clients’ specific needs. Our experience in working with real estate clients makes us the right research provider for this field. We are able to tell you which are the characteristics, the expectations and the needs of your target, how your location concept is perceived, which is the potential of the location and how the concept can be improved, which are the main sources of information for potential buyers and which are the preferred ways of payment, which is the level of awareness and consideration for your project, which criteria are taken into consideration when choosing a place to live.

    Our experience in reaching difficult targets helps us provide you information even about niche consumers like high-income professionals, business managers or expats.



    For any business, the ultimate place where success is proven is the shopping area, where the product meets its buyers and the decision is taken. The shopping process has been a special focus in ISRA Center’s work and our major clients always appreciated our researchers’ involvement in presenting the shoppers’ world exactly as it is. If you want to know what drivers motivate the shoppers, what barriers they face, how decisions are taken or which habits define the shoppers, ISRA Center can assist you throughout the entire research process.


    In its experience spanning over 11 years on the Romanian market, ISRA Center has had the chance to work with both national and international clients in fields like building materials (paints, woodwork), interior decoration, technical equipment.

    We investigated both business to business and final consumer targets. We provided our clients with solutions adapted to their needs, and constant support in decision-making.

    ISRA Center is able to contribute to investigating subjects like: brand management, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, new product concept development, price positioning, retail monitoring, including mystery shopping and users’ buying habits.



    We have carried out surveys for clients working in agriculture. The research investigated the usage indicators of products specific to agriculture, reasons and barriers for purchase, price sensitivity, brand image and usage habits.



    ISRA Center leads the Romanian HEALTHCARE market research sector, empowered by:

    • 100 pathologies covered
    • targeting a wide variety of medical specialties
    • focusing on hundreds of OTCs and RXs (brands & GXs)
    • dedicated research teams
    • highly specialized moderators
    • long term partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies
    • broad spectrum of healthcare-specific MR solutions and methods
    For further details about pathologies and stakeholders please see: ISRA Center Pharma Research Experience
  • International Coverage

    Our international experience fits different companies style, from multinational to independent, from creative boutiques to large organizations, that are located on different continents due to our proactive attitude along research stages and transparency related to the way of working. Our international involvement in marketing research projects has been recognized by joining IRIS Network as exclusive representative in Romania, the world’s largest network of independent research companies worldwide.

    ISRA Center coordinated international projects on various markets such as FMCG, Telecom, Pharma and others. We also acted as market research providers for Romania for multiple international studies, keeping an awaken eye to the research challenges.



    IRIS Network was founded in 1985 and currently has members in over 30 countries, IRIS footprint comprising 5 continents. A single member is chosen per country, and only leading independent research agencies get to be selected. Committee members meet twice a year to exchange knowledge and share the latest research trends.

    IRIS consistently impresses the panels of experts who award the most important national and international prizes in this sector; a part of the latest prizes won by IRIS Members are: “Best Methodological Paper” - ESOMAR Award (German IRIS Partner Vocatus), “Best Quantitative Research” - Philip Morris International Award (Egypt IRIS Partner Marketeers Research) and Canadian Research Excellence Award (Canadian IRIS Partner Environics Research Group).