We are committed to cutting-edge research initiatives as to deliver original and actionable insights together with competitive thinking to our clients. Take a look at our experienced and highly appreciated unconventional research workshops to see what thrills you best or may simply inspire you…

  • Mobile Research

    For everybody it’s clear that today the mobile is more than just a device, as it became an extension of our lives with the help of so many functions, the access to the online world, not to mention the multitude of apps so in line with the saying <there has to be an app for this>.

    Under such promising premises, it’s almost natural to start conducting mobile research with the help of apps developed for any kind of smartphone that are  especially designed for research purposes but also for co-creation and evaluation with the added value of capturing the “in the moment” insight, ideas and feedback from consumers.

    This flexible tool to interact with the consumers enables to:

    • capture ideas and experiences on-the-go
    • remote ethnographic research (as it gathers real-time, real-place insight)
    • uplift mystery shopping studies (by allowing to see what customers see)
    • conduct behavioral and point of decision research (by getting closer to the point of action)
    • build mobile research communities (that help getting instant insight from roving consumers)
    • empower team and group crowdsourcing
    • serve product & service innovation (by remotely source feedback on new and piloting projects)
    • assess conferences & training (by finding out what people think on the day)
    • evaluate events & in-store activations (through claiming feedback while the experience is fresh)
    • track employee engagement (thus take the pulse of the organization)

     Mobile research via app has a wide range of benefits for both researcher and clients, as it is:

    • resourceful and easy to reach channel that provides in-the-moment reactions and responses to everything around
    • non-invasive and easy to use technology by both study participants and clients as observers
    • authentic since it offers access to real time event versus post-event recall
    • versatile by crossing geographic boundaries
    • adjusted to the new market dynamic by succeeding to ensure fast data collection that is cost-effective
  • Eye Tracking

    The current context has led to a change of the research and marketing paradigm given that we are headed towards a  <shopper-centric>, not just a <consumer-centric> approach. This is not random if we were to think about: retail explosion  (modern but also traditional), everything e-commerce means as a universe that the shopper is just one click away from, the assault of stimuli that make decision-making processes more and more dynamic and the fact that shopping has also become a lifestyle.This way, an eye tracking study  allows us to see through the eyes of the shopper. In any such study, there is need for a process to collect psychological data about what happens at the moment of the purchase and information before and after shopping which completes and contextualize the data provided by the Eye tracking:

    PHASE 1: At the entrance of the a store, shoppers are intercepted according to the target and a short questionnaire is applied

    PHASE 2: The buyer starts shopping wearing the glasses

    PHASE 3: Short exit interview asking about the shopping experience with the purpose of completing and contextualizing the data gathered with the Eye Tracking device

  • Co-creation Research (MROCs)

    Consumers as Co-creators of (new) Products and Services

    Positive differentiation and strategic value can only come out of a consumer centric co-creation process, considering today’s empowered and knowledgeable consumers and the highly competitive business environment.

    Co-creation research brings together the company/ the brand and the consumers in a social, creative and genuine context of interaction.

    Here are a few reasons WHY co-creation research is so resourceful and opportune:

    • involves consumers in a much deeper way, not only to generate relevant insights but also to take them further and create the entire service or product mix (concept, packaging, advertising and activation)
    • gathers input from an extensive number of different typologies of consumers who share, discuss, create, evaluate, enrich and select the most relevant ideas and concepts
    • streams constant feedback in each step of the co-creation process
    • delivers timely and strategic information to address risks and make the right decisions
    • reduces failure rates in new product/ services launches or upgrades 
    • signals market opportunities for new products and services development
    • offers authentic foundation for deep emotional bond between the brand/ the company and the consumers
    • creates buzz around the brand and positive WOM both on and offline


    How is co-creation research different than the traditional research approach:

    • being online and in own privacy, this creates a stronger basis for real-life mindset and thus for more meaningful and valuable insights 
    • implies loose guide/ moderation and extensive time for ideation, for more colorful thoughts and fuller answers
    • offers the opportunity for follow-up and real-time adjustments in the co-creation process
    • the moderator is rather setting challenges and observing than asking questions
    • the participation is driven by intrinsic motivation, the co-creators being brand fans & aspirants
    • is a smarter and more practical research approach, connecting with the consumers/ users without any time or location limitations
  • Wargames

    We ensure top-notch facilitation for WarGames approach, an essential tool for any decision point across business.

    WarGaming is a stimulator for competitive thinking, deconstruction and reconstruction processes that enable forward looking and better strategic decisions.

    Once the creative war unleashed, it offers support to develop risk strategies, key actions to improve product/ service/ brand competitiveness and many other highly beneficial inputs on both people and business.

    Some opportunities to put WarGames to use, whether in FMCG or Pharma Industry:

    • when a particular threat from the competition is sensed, in case of a new competitive entry or market discontinuity, before a new launch and not only
    • OR mini WarGames prior to competitive intelligence gathering, to identify risks and key strategic issues
  • Worldcafe

    ISRA WorldCafé is a large group dialogue tool that immerses individual viewpoints in a co-creation process for actionable guidelines and future thinking.

    Among the things that make WorldCafé such special workshop application are:

    • around café style tables, intimate conversations link and build on each other and as the network of connections amplifies, the knowledge shared grows and extends the platform for new insights outburst
    • values each individual active contribution but also the slowing-down and listening for deeper value
    • it is truly fun and unleashes creativity
  • Insights Activator

    ISRA Insights Activator is an uplifting and highly inspirational workshop type that helps create greater value from market and customer intelligence by challenging, capturing ideas and enabling key insights generation with actionable and competitive strength.

    ISRA Insights Activator creates engagement, enjoyment and action oriented knowledge process & upshots and capitalizes the hidden potential of all relevant voices perspectives: clients, business partners, employees, consumers.

  • The Magic of Metaphors

    ISRA METAspace is an out of the box research tool that gets to the heart of people's emotions by valuing the power of metaphors as natural & universal means of expression.

    ISRA Center visual METAlibrary is an effective metaphors vehicle to further access and express emotions on various topics, which are difficult to articulate otherwise on products, brands, services or life events and not only.

  • Wisdom of Crowds Predictor

    It is simply far more easy to estimate what others would do, than yourself...

    We employ a truly smart, fun and stimulating qualitative approach to unleash profound and authentic emotional reactions with proven predictive power on how people are likely to respond to an ad, proposal or any other subject.


    Private judgments are turned in collective decisions and eliminates the bias of being driven by the opinions of people around and empowers an infusion of real world information texture on proposals potential success, recall power, persuasion effectiveness, brand equity enhancer and many more.